Scratch Games

Unique app Lobby with scratch games (including an option to add new games and promotion games). Exclusive e-scratch games and 3D interactive games that can be played as a second chance game.


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3D Interactive Games

3D interactive games give the instant ticket an innovative spin creating an amazing experience that can last as the ticket becomes a collection item. While playing 3D interactive games, the consumer can interact with the ticket by using the 3D interface on the app. Consumers can also easily take a picture of the unique experience and share it with their social network. Our 3D interactive games involve various sports games, landmarks, fantasy, movies, entertainment, and even celebrities. All of these games bring the lottery to the next generation of users, appealing to millennials as well as traditional lottery consumers. 


Draw Game Apps

Our apps are tailored to cover all sorts of draw games, such as Pick 3, Win 4, Take 5, Cash for Life, Pick 10, Lotto, Powerball and Mega Millions. Consumers receive notification of an upcoming draw – if they choose to buy a ticket, the app launches and they are immediately brought to the draw game. Once numbers are selected and they are happy with the combination, the ticket is purchased and check out is completed.